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Upside Down Creative Media is a sketch writing duo, specializing in what they like to describe as relatively funny indie comedies. The funny short films, commercial parodies, comedy skits, and funny videos are produced exclusively for their own selfish interest and artistic expression.

The duo was formed around November 2013 in Jacksonville, FL by Marshall Malone and Rob Moccio. Marshall is primarily the director, editor, writer, producer, and marketer of the group. Some of his influences in comedy include Chris Farley, Bill Hicks, Andy Kaufman, George Carlin, Louis CK, Andy Samberg, SNL prior to 2016, Kyle Newacheck, Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, and Pete Holmes.

Rob contributes to the sketch writing, character creation, and stars in nearlly 100% of the short films, parodies, and sketches. His comedic influences range widely including SNL, Johnny Carson, Jerry Lewis, Cartoon Network, Eric Wareheim, and Jim Carrey.


The majority of the indie comedies produced by Upside Down Creative Media are improvisational. They strive to push boundaries in comedy, often going in an uncharted, non-sequitur direction, for the purpose of seeking out something new. Marshall and Rob are driven to end the culture of the pretentious, megalomaniac artists, as well as the comedy lined thickly with layers of politically correct messages, by ‘finding the funny’ in everything and everyone.

By spreading the culture of lighthearted humility through their sketch comedy shorts and skits, they strive to bring all people together to realize the one truth in this world: we’re all human. Unlike most of the successful comedy sources out there that manipulate their large fan-base to be politically active because they believe it is “the right thing to do,” Upside Down Creative Media refuses to become a platform to spread any partisan political messages or attack people based on their beliefs. The guys at UDCM just want to make funny content for the world to consume and have fun doing it.


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When Upside Down Creative Media was started in 2013, the original idea was to have a comedy collective that multiple people could come together to create funny stuff. Throughout the years, we’ve had help from time to time, but the only two consistent players in this whole ordeal are the men you see below.

Marshall Malone

Marshall Malone

Co-Founder / Director / Editor

Marshall has been attempting to be funny in the form of producing sketches since 2008. After coming to the realization he was not funny on camera, he retreated to the other side of the lens to start directing. He has also taken several writing classes at The Second City in Chicago.

Rob Moccio

Rob Moccio

Co-Founder / Writer / Actor

Rob has been creating comedy since 2007. It all started out with him trying to get his friends out to the local Ale House and spiraled down to him buying Semen for Cents. Although he never performs live, he has the ability to come up with a sketch and act it out within minutes.


Every couple months, UDCM features a new funny video. This video below is… well, it’s a commercial parody about a blanket made out of human skin. This one was a lot of fun, as you can see.


Our next project is titled, Real Reality: Life Inside The Discomfort Zone. It’s premiere will be August 6th, 2017 at the LOL JAX Film Festival. Future nationwide screenings are TBD and will be announced as we secure bookings.

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