4 Reasons Oprah Shouldn’t Love Bread So Much

Oprah Winfrey is an international icon. Known and loved all over the world for her acts of kindness and generosity, she is an influential leader to people of all ages. Recently, Oprah became the spokesperson for Weight Watchers. It might sound rude, but it really is a match made in heaven. Just think about it; Oprah wants you to be your best self. She also wants you to really love bread.

As with anything Oprah says, the bread craze has taken storm on social media. Everyone and their mother is talking about how much they love bread. This girl has the craze so much that she even loves how much Oprah loves bread after work or whatever.

Just watch this video to see how much Oprah loves bread! It’s insanity how much she loves it.

This is something we have a problem with. Bread, even in it’s healthiest form, is really not that great for you. Below, we list 4 reasons Oprah should stop loving bread so damn much.

  1. Bread Makes You Gain Weight – It’s ironic that the spokesperson for Weight Watchers is pushing one of the single most carb-heavy foods in your face. When you eat bread, you are essentially eating carbs, salt, refined sugar and preservatives. These things will make you put on pounds!
  2. Bread Lacks Nutrients – Unlike other food items, bread, especially white bread and items made from it lack nutrients. You’re not getting any fiber, you’re not getting the wholesomeness of grains — you’re basically getting nothing important out of it. While bread made of wheat or the nutty, 6, 8, or 12-grain varieties are a little better, if you’re looking for nutrients, stuff your face with vegetables instead of bread.
  3. Bread Is Usually Packed With Salt – Most bread varieties, especially the processed kind that you buy from the supermarket, contain lots of salt. Needless to say, eating less bread will result in the reduction of the amount of sodium in your body significantly. Of course, one slice of bread, every now and then won’t do any damage, but Oprah wants you to eat bread every day! This is just uncalled for.
  4. Bread Is Not A Wholesome, Filling Meal – I get it. You worship Oprah. She’s a great person and she wants you to eat bread every day. She claims it’s her favorite breakfast food and that it’s just delightful. This is more absurd than our videos. Like we mentioned in point 3, bread lacks nutrients, so when you eat them, you will not feel satiated, because it’s not filling!

We love you Oprah Winfrey, but fuck bread. Eat vegetables and watch our funny videos.

4 Reasons Oprah Shouldn’t Love Bread So Much

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