In October 2019, we launched a new (non-funny) sports podcast titled, “Bold City Sports with Rob Moccio.” You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, YouTube, and much more.

Funny Music

Okay, nobody ever said good, funny music is the key to comedy… or maybe they did? Who cares? The funny music produced by Upside Down Creative Media is highly influenced by Justin Bieber, President Obama, Janis Joplin, and Dashboard Confessional. Maybe none of that is true, but we do try to create music for our sketches since the cost of legally having good music in your videos is out of our non-existing budget. If you are looking for someone to produce some decent music for your own comedic purposes, then look no further. If not, then whatever… we don’t care. This is probably our weakest category anyway, so get out of here and watch some of our videos or go check out the Twitter feed of Michelle Branch.

Daylight Savings Time

It’s that time of year. It’s daylight savings time. Nobody likes it when they lose an hour of sleep. We hate it so much we made a song about it.

I’m Gonna Stick My Love Inside Of You Tonight

This song is just a classic love song. Listen to it. Love it. Embrace it. Let it inside you.

No Caffeine

Dirty Bird Theme Song

This is a demo instrumental of an upcoming rap video we will be releasing in June titled Dirty Bird. If it isn’t obvious already, it is a remix of “Fly Like An Eagle” by Seal, who conjointly did a remix of the original song by Steve Miller Band.

Father To Son Theme Song

This is a theme song of an unfinished sketch ‘Father To Son,’ a 90’s inspired sitcom starring a seemingly straight-laced, father with a opiate addiction and his frightened 17 year old son, both living together after the death of their wife/mother. The song is a rendition of the Perfect Strangers theme song.

Life Life Theme Song

This is a theme song for the first ever, Upside Down Creative Media production, #LifeLife.

Painting With Pat Theme Song

This is a theme song for a sketch titled Painting With Pat. Like the sketch, we performed this on the fly, making the lyrics and melodies off the top our head.

We use MIDI in a lot of our music and recommend checking out this Video Game Music Hub for all your video game MIDIneeds.

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