Before They Were Stars: The History of UDCM

Okay, we get it. We’re pretty popular.

Successful Comedy Campaign

I know it’s hard to believe, but we’ve accumulated 121 total subscribers in less than 3 years! That’s pretty impressive, right? At Upside Down Creative Media, we practice heavy humility and even when being as humble as we can, it’s hard not to think we’re going to be the next stars of YouTube.

With all that being said, instead of waiting for VH1 to contact us for their next episode of “Before They Were Stars,” we decided to share with you our humble beginnings into the world of comedy.


Robby is the real star of Upside Down Creative Media– bearing his soul at every moment possible, both on the camera as he acts and on the pad as he writes. His start in comedy traces as far back to 2008 when he created humorous invites for his friends, encouraging them to get up off their ass and head to ladies’ night at the Ale House in Mandarin. Here is a mash-up of the first 7 invites to give you an idea:

And now, you understand what you mean by “We Take Comedy Serious.”

Eventually, Rob started getting his friends in on the action, creating amazing sketches like these:

As you can see, Rob was a natural, from the get go. It was his destiny to end up at Upside Down Creative Media, making the most un-funny, sketch comedy videos you’ve never seen. If you would like an autograph, please contact him at [email protected]


Marshall got his start back in 2008, acting in some shorts for CIAO Films of Jacksonville, FL. It was there were he edited his first video ever, titled “Jaybier’s Drunken Adventure.” This video is no longer online, as it was formerly hosted on MySpace. After that, he wrote, starred in, and edited his first comedy, “Cake Love.”

*Cake Love was actually recorded and produced in 2008, but it wasn’t posted on YouTube until years later.

After the “success” of Cake Love, Marshall decided to branch off and create a new group, focused primarily on sketch comedy. With his former partner, they called the new group Tom Foolery Flix.

Tom Foolery Flix fizzled out at around 1-2 years. From that point forward, Marshall took a vacation from sketch comedy and shifted his focus into his career. After landing a job as a photographer for an e-commerce site, Marshall ended up meeting Robby, ironically via his former partner. This is where the magic happened.

Over the last 3 years, we’ve won several awards and amassed 121, subscribers, with over 33,000 views. It’s fair to say, we are on our way to Hollywood to get our star. Sit back and enjoy the ride, because here we come.

Before They Were Stars: The History of UDCM

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