Ben Stiller Brings Attention To Somalia Famine

We are apolitical and don’t typically take a stance on world issues, but when one of our heroes, Ben Stiller, brings attention to the famine occurring in Somalia (something the mainstream media is ignoring) then it inspires us to help spread the word.

The one thing we believe and do stand for is the fact that humanity is mostly good. We all have families and we all generally want the same thing. Not all of us are in a position to help financially, but creating a buzz costs next to nothing. Please share this across social media, with the hashtag #turkishairlineshelpsomalia and get this story into the mainstream media.

Update – The Campaign Was A Success

The campaign to help Somolia was a success. To complete this campaign, all that needs to be done is to raise enough money to buy the 60 tons of food to send to Somalia to help those suffering from this famine. This is a prime example of how social media should be used.

If you are interested in helping, please donate here at the official GoFundeMe for this campaign and let’s get the new hashtag trending. #lovearmyforsomalia

Ben Stiller Brings Attention To Somalia Famine

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