Seeking Executive Producers In Jacksonville, FL

Okay, it’s a little egotistical to say we are “Award-Winning” anything. We won some contests in the past, but we are not the best anything. So, I just want to get that out there. However, I am seeking an executive producer. There is money in Jacksonville. There are people out there that invest in the […]

Ben Stiller Brings Attention To Somalia Famine

We are apolitical and don’t typically take a stance on world issues, but when one of our heroes, Ben Stiller, brings attention to the famine occurring in Somalia (something the mainstream media is ignoring) then it inspires us to help spread the word. The one thing we believe and do stand for is the fact […]

We Are Holding A Prize Giveaway All November Long

To celebrate the 3 years of Upside Down Creative Media, we decided to make a video discussing what we’re thankful for and some of the memories over the last 3 years of making funny videos. To show our appreciation to all our subscribers on YouTube, we’ve decided to give away a signed poster used to […]

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