The History of Fake Movie Trailer Pregnancy Announcements

Five Years, One Baby, and No Ring

Pioneers of the Pregnancy Announcement
2010, New Years Eve.  This was the night we first met.

Almost five years ago, I met Jennifer Jones. We both had absolutely no prior connection to each other and both were on seemingly different paths. It was December 31st, 2010— NYE at The Pearl. My friends and I hadn’t even planned on going to The Pearl, but after several hops from bar to bar, we decided we wanted to do some karaoke before the ball dropped for the new year. What else is a 28 year old man and his friends going to do?

I queued up a couple songs, including my drunk go-to song ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder, and as I was waiting to go up, I spotted this well-dressed, long-haired brunette, with a captivating smile. This was, of course, Jennifer and if you know The Pearl, she was sitting on the infamous bench next to the tree. I was instantly attracted and at this point in my life, after being divorced at a young age and through a slew of horrible relationships, I lost all my fear of approaching women and facing rejection. Long story short, I decided to approach her and the rest was history.

Fast forwarding to 2012, Jen and I found ourselves experiencing a life-changing event. Up to this point, our life was work, going out with friends, softball games, Marshall’s video/photography hobby, movies, 5k runs, and cross-fit, but something happened that brought this all to a hault.

Jen found out she was pregnant!

Jen before first Pregnancy Announcement
This is Jennifer during her first pregnancy.

Due to our excitement, we decided to tell everyone about it after only a mere 6 weeks. There was no creative announcement made. We rushed out, bought cards, and gave them to our parents. Of course, our parents were expecting an engagement announcement at this point, but alas, it was just an out-of-wedlock pregnancy announcement. Regardless, everyone was in good spirits and super-supportive; more importantly, Jen and I were super-charged as this life-changing event unfolded. Over that weekend, we pondered names, talked about the future, and generally just got closer. We had a plan and were ready to execute it. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. Only days after announcing it, Jen miscarried. It was the hardest thing we both had ever experienced. Everything we did together, was put on hault.

Pioneers of Movie Trailer Pregnancy Announcements

Several months passed by and as we healed, things began returning to normal. Our normal routines started back and we became closer than ever. With this closeness, a more intimate relationship developed and with this more intimate relationship, came another pregnancy!

It was unexpected. We were scared. We didn’t want what happened before to happen again. With this pregnancy we decided to do more research beforehand. Announcing a pregnancy was a huge deal for us and we wanted a unique, clever pregnancy announcement to match our excitement of having a baby. We waited until 16 weeks to announce it, so we could get to a point where we were confident that this baby would survive. Every day was like living on pins and needles. Every doctor visit had us praying and crossing our fingers in hopes we received good news. We didn’t take anything for granted. This babies’ life was precious.

All this new day-to-day pressure ended up being a catalyst for creativity in me. I had been learning the skill of video production for couple years at this point, so anytime I had an opportunity to practice it, I’d take it. I wanted to create a pregnancy announcement that our family would enjoy, but wasn’t really thinking of doing anything ground-breaking. I just wanted it to be original. I mean, you have to keep in mind that this was 2012 and with the age of social media, came swarms of creative engagement announcements, funny pregnancy announcements, save-the-dates, etc. all popping up on Pinterest. Most involved cute pictures or just videos of reactions of the surprise pregnancy announcements, but I felt like I’d seen them all. Nobody was really doing anything original.

My intention was to never set out to be a pioneer, because at this point in my life, I was still just learning video production/film-making. At the time, I did no research on what other people did, besides the stuff I saw on my Facebook news feed. To this day, I still keep my ego in check and before writing this blog, I spent hours upon hours, scouring the internet and YouTube to find someone that had produced something like this before me, but the results are scarce. The majority of the videos marketed as movie trailer pregnancy announcements were text based, so I cannot credit them as the originators of the fake movie trailer pregnancy announcement. From my research, I only found a few that actually used the traditional movie trailer format, but many of them were unoriginal and some even copied off of each other.

Below is a list of movie trailer birth announcements that came before mine:

As you can see, many of them are using what seems to be cell phone footage of non-linear, random scenes and really don’t appear to be cinematic. The only thing produced before ours that was cinematic was a baby gender reveal announcement by Drywater Productions in 2012. The concepts of all the previous videos were great, so I have to credit them as the true originals. Jen and I are not necessarily the true pioneers of this genre, but we did ultimately end up producing one of the first ever, cinematic fake movie trailer pregnancy announcements.

‘The Unexpected’ – Fake Movie Trailer Pregnancy Announcement

I titled it accordingly, as any good fake movie trailer should be. Since this baby was unexpected, we decided on “The Unexpected,” which is oddly similar to the movie Unexpected (2015) by Kris Swanberg, starring Anders Holm and Cobie Smulders. Like my fake movie trailer pregnancy announcement, the Kris Swanberg movie is also about an unexpected pregnancy. I’m not saying Kris Swanberg stole my title or that my video was an inspiration for her to make that film… I’m just, more or less, pointing out the glaringly obvious similarity between title and concept.

My short wasn’t really planned out very well, but at the time, nobody was really doing this. Also, I never really thought about it reaching an audience beyond my own family and 400+ network, so I didn’t really market it beyond that. It was really only intended for family and friends. Regardless of this, in 2 years, it ended up recieving 15,000+ views, most of which were in the first year of it’s creation. I can only imagine what it would have achieved if I’d marketed it properly. Anyway, you can view my fake movie trailer pregnancy announcement below. (Yes, I know the thumbnail has pregnancy spelled wrong.)

‘The Announcement’ – Yet Another, Fake Movie Trailer Announcement

Since our first child (Ava) was born, life has been a serious roller-coaster. First time parents never know what to expect. No amount of Googling can prepare you for what’s ahead and most importantly— time flies! We can’t believe where our life has gone since meeting each other. Our parents can’t believe we’re not married. Yes, almost five years has passed and we still haven’t got married.

Being that we were approaching our fifth year anniversary and our parents are expecting us to get married, I decided to concoct another fake movie trailer announcement to continue this trend of fake movie trailers for every life changing event we experience. We both share a love for cheesy romantic comedies, particular those from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, so I scripted something cheesy for our newest project reflecting our newest life endeavor and titled it ‘The Announcement.’ I even got a professional voice actor to do the romantic comedy movie trailer voice for me. Watch it below!

Let us know what you think about our Pregnancy Announcements below!

The History of Fake Movie Trailer Pregnancy Announcements

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