At Upside Down Creative Media, we strive to make you laugh at our funny videos. Some people cry, but that is never our intention. We feature several types of videos: commercial parodies, sketches, and short films. Maybe you are one of the 100+ people currently (subscribers) that think our videos are funny or maybe you think we are desperate 30-somethings trying too hard to forget that we live in Florida and are never going to write for SNL. Regardless, check our content out every day, because we will be updating them quite frequently. We can’t stop and we definitely will not stop… even if you ask us to repeatedly via e-mail.


One of our favorite things to do is to create fake products to solve your non-existing problems. From toilet paper for men, to a blanket made from human skin, we will undoubtedly have everything under the sun that you could possibly never need. Our parodies have been touted by local critics as “a poor man’s SNL parody” and “non-sequitur horse shit that nobody thinks is funny.” I don’t know about you, but being compared to Saturday Night Live is a definite accomplishment. We’ll take it. If you by chance do not like our brand of comedy, which most people don’t, then go watch King Of Queens.



Every Sketch Comedy short comes with a 100% Laugh Guarantee. Whether it’s laughing out loud or on the inside, we guarantee a laugh. Maybe you laughed so loud you interrupted an important meeting? Or maybe you did that laugh where it sounds like you’re faking it, but you mean well? Or maybe you just laughed on the inside? Regardless of the type of laugh you experience watching our Comedic Shorts, it doesn’t matter how you laugh… it’s still a laugh.



Some of the short films produced by Upside Down Creative Media are a parody of other’s work. Whether it’s the filmmaker that tries to make people believe he doesn’t shit or the actors and actresses that think they’re a damn Meg Ryan or Wesley Snipes, we’ll ensure that these pretentious folks find the funny in their own work. Either that, or we’ll receive a ton of negative feedback by their worshipers and followers. If it finds it’s way to our hands, into our heads, and twisted around to bring the funny to the surface, then don’t take it personal. More than likely we envy your work – we probably couldn’t come up with any ideas of our own, so we just used your work as a framework to make something funny.



Everyone knows that music is the key to finding a laugh. Okay, that’s garbage. You get the pattern of what we’re saying, right? Pretty much, the text part of this website is useless, but we just keep typing. Much like the text on this website, the music videos in our collection is pretty dumb, too.