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Digital Comedy Web Series

Since 2018, we have been more focused on creating digital comedy web series, versus making random sketches. With original series like 60 Second Mocks and Public Service Announcements, there is bound to be something you find funny in our collection of web series.

60 Second Mocks

In April of 2018, we published the first episode of 15 of the web series 60 Second Mocks. This web series is a parody of the infamous 60 Second Docs, but in our series, we take the format and create characters that are in self-contradicting situations; a transabled boxer and a pro-life serial killer are some of the characters you will find in 60 Second Mocks.

60 Second Mocks, Digital Web Series
Mocks. 60 Seconds at a time.

Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements is a web series based off of the infamous PSA’s from the 90’s. Everything is covered, from gravity to time. You’ll even get help on how to deal with the tragic loss of followers on social media.

Rowdy “Character Expressions”

Rowdy “Character Expressions” is a series of short interviews, in-depth reporting and incisive storytelling. Rowdy is a lens to investigate the movements, scenes, and stories that drive our culture.

The culture is driven by these people because we say so.
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