Donate & Support

It costs about $100 a year to run this website. With online advertisements throughout our site and the site getting about 1,000 views a month at the moment, we are only making about $25 a year. To add fuel to the fire, all of our videos have been demonetized on YouTube, so it’s becoming harder for us to create new content. We truly believe that what we are doing could lead us to build a self-sustaining situation where we could create comedy videos for our fans without the need of donations, but after half a decade, we are in the hole several thousand dollars and we need investors.

All we ask is for you to donate a dollar and maybe share this on social media. In return, we will be making a sponsor page where we will add your name and/or website. There is literally nowhere else on the web that you can get a link to your website or social media account for one dollar.


If you decide to donate to us, we will contact you shortly after we receive the payment to ask you some follow-up questions. Thank you for the support!

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