Idiotic Advice From An Idiot
Idiotic Advice From A Failed Comedian

This is an un-official guide on idiotic advice.

It’s been said before that advice is like snow – the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind. Well, this isn’t that sort of advice. This is more like when you’re on your way home from work on a Thursday and you have to piss, so you stop at a 7 Eleven. As you’re taking a piss, you hear golf ball sized hail thumping the roof, as if it’s going to penetrate it and come down on you. Since you weren’t pumping gas, you decided not to park under the cover, so your car is out in the open. Basically, this is “blog shit” idiotic advice in the form of golf ball sized hail coming down and forcing itself into your skull as you run to your car. As you get to your car, you realize it’s only Thursday and you have to work again tomorrow. None of this makes any fucking sense. I know. Basically, if you’re not an idiot like myself, then don’t bother reading.

What Gives, Idiot?

So, I recently published an article (aka blog shit) with an alternative view of the Cheez-It advertisement ripping off of Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job. The majority of the fans of the show were supportive of Tim & Eric and the recent rip, but my piece basically disagreed with the majority.

You see, anytime I see a mass of people agreeing with something they likely know little about (in this case, copyright laws), then I like to take a step back and do my own research. Also, I tend to connect the dots where they shouldn’t be. I recently lost my job in advertising and I have also been pursuing a career in comedy on the side, specifically in absurd comedy. The recent debacle between Tim & Eric and Cheez-It involved both career paths I’d taken, with both of them currently being failures, so I felt some sort of connection to it.

In reality, I’m not relevant to this story and had no place connecting the dots or commenting on it. I’m in a bad place at the moment and equate the blog as me just lashing out like a child that doesn’t get affection from it’s parents. I’m 33, I have 2 young babies and I’m currently only working part-time at the moment. Not to mention, the past 2 years of trying to get our work (at UDCM) seen has amounted to shit. We rest on our laurels of a lone video getting shared by Comedy Central one time, as well as winning a DJ Douggpound video contest. From the outside looking in, it’s pretty pathetic. It’s dumb. We haven’t achieved anything.

The one defense I have is that I wrote that blog as respectfully as possible, really just trying to shed light on the fact that we’re all people at the end of the day… even the advertiser that could have potentially been fired for copyrighting. I guess I felt some sort of connection due to the loss of my own job. I don’t know. It’s pretty idiotic now that I think about it.

Really, I didn’t think it would be read by anyone. If anything, I was hoping to gain a couple cheap views to our videos off of Tim & Eric searches. Somehow, one of Tim Heidecker’s social media justice seeker’s found my blog and tweeted it directly Tim. This guy even went through the trouble to link it to my personal Twitter account, even though I never tweeted it out from there.

So, it turns out, it was actually read by Tim Heidecker and now I feel like a fucking idiot. He offered to speak to me about it, but it’s needless to say we have not. I basically apologized and left it at that. I’m too embarrassed and I’m pretty certain he would just troll me.

My idiotic advice to anyone that reads this. Don’t put anyone in a bad light that you’d like to work for or with one day. Think before you publish.

What’s Next For Me?

At this point, I’m withdrawing from producing Upside Down Creative Media content for a bit. I will follow through with the revamp of the website, but after that, I’m just going to focus on trying to make money for my family and figure out what the fuck I’m doing with my life.

I feel like this life I lead is forcing me to choose between comedy or marketing or being homeless. It’s time I face the facts: I started comedy too late. I’m 33 and really, I’ve only been going at this for a little over 2 years. Sure, I’ve acquired skills for longer than that and had previous failed attempts at sketch comedy videos, but as far as a real focused effort, partnering with Rob, I’ve only been at it since late 2013. No disrespect to Rob, but what we have produced is not that great. That’s why we aren’t getting shared.

If I weren’t an idiot, this would be much simpler, but I’m stubborn. To shed some light on how stubborn I am: I literally tried out for the basketball team from the 6th – 11th grade, getting cut every year. I finally made it my senior year, but then had to miss the season due to a surgery. It’s fair to say, I don’t give up despite the telltale signs. But maybe, in this situation, for the sake of my family, I should… at least for a while. I know I wrote about this almost a year ago with my blog on Sunk Cost Fallacy, but we ended up continuing on. I am addicted to creating. I just think we’re creating from a bad place… well at least I am now. I need to get back into a happier place.

You know, we used to have fun. When Rob and I set out to do this, it wasn’t to get views. It wasn’t to get shared on Twitter. It wasn’t for any of that. It was because we loved doing it and we liked the laughs we got from our friends. I think that still is there, underneath all the bitterness and layers of failure. I just think, personally, that I need some time to cut through those layers and make it fun again. So much of our work is even reflecting this frustration, with the ASMR Parody talking about death repeatedly and then the Jesse Higgins Mockumentary being about demonically possessed loser.

Anyway, to sum it up… don’t bash one of your idols (or bash anyone for that matter) for being pissed about theft and never let what you love, become a source of frustration… you fucking idiot.

Idiotic Advice From An Idiot

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