Upside Down Creative Media Gets A Call From Kyle Newacheck
Kyle Newacheck on a boat with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston

Back in October 2018, Wonk, Inc, owned by director Kyle Newacheck (Murder Mystery, Game Over Man, Workaholics) had a contest called “Script to Screen.” Essentially, the rules were simple – recreate a scene from their documentary, Mega Summer Hit: A Slam Dunkumentary (2014), and upload it to Instagram.

Luckily, I had purchased this film when it came out on digital release in 2015, so I had a copy on a media drive hooked up to one of my televisions. I had seen the movie a dozen times, but Rob had not, so we watched it and both decided on our favorite scene.

We didn’t have much time to complete it because of our work schedules, so we had to resort to using Rob as all of the actors for the scene, with exception of me talking in the background. This was the result.

Existential Crisis

We had been working with them on different projects off and on for almost a year at this point, so we didn’t really care if we won, but it turns out we did. The prize was the opportunity to come on the Wonk Podcast, which is hosted by Thomas Kellogg. A couple of weeks later, while I was driving to Orlando, I got a call from TK and was pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of Kyle Newacheck.

Episode 17 – Kyle Newacheck (Murder Mystery Debrief) & Upside Down Creative Media Call

I have not listened to this interview, because my recollection of it was that it was hard to hear on my end (due to the fact that I was driving down I-95), so I don’t think I was even making any sense. I do remember hearing confirmation that Kyle had watched our sketches and that was enough for me to be happy, regardless of how it went. Even though I had conversed with him over social media for a year or so, there was something about having an actual conversation over the phone that made the experience more real. I’ve been a fan of him and that whole crew of talented folks for at least a decade or, so getting a chance to get close to greatness for even a moment in time over the airwaves was something I’ll never forget.

Upside Down Creative Media Gets A Call From Kyle Newacheck

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