Short Funny Videos Perfect For Your Shitty Attention Span

Short funny videos are almost a necessity in a world where the average attention span is 8 seconds. Historically, we at Upside Down Creative Media have not been known for funny short video clips like WhatsApp short funny videos or the ultra-short Vine videos that have been running (or ruining) the internet the past 5 or more years. […]

A Fairly Solid List of Parody Horror Movies & Mockumentaries

It’s pretty obvious we love parody films. We hope you like them too because below we have a list of some parody horror movies and mockumentaries. Enjoy. Night of the Living Bread This is only a short film that I came across on YouTube but it’s still one of the funniest parody horror movies out […]

Sketch Submissions: New Comedy Videos from YouTube

Ever since we opened up our site for funny article and video submissions in June, we’ve been flooded with submissions of videos. We’ve picked some of our favorites and present to you new comedy videos from YouTube that you’ve probably never seen. Famous Movie Lines, Animated by Nick Murray Willis     What If IT […]

5 Punny Sketches You Must Watch Or Else

At Upside Down Creative Media, we love puns. They’re everywhere in life, if you look hard enough. Take for instance, Rob used to work at a vintage wall clock store where his sole duty was taking clocks off the wall for customers. During this period, we had a difficult time shooting sketches– anytime Rob would ask […]

5 Obscure Funny Videos You’ve Never Watched

Here at Upside Down Creative Media, we are all about obscure funny videos. Being that we’ve been running this channel for 3 years, with a combined view of only 30,000 views, split between 60 videos, and a whopping 98 subscribers, it’s a no-brainer we’re familiar with people not watching our videos. Okay, I won’t bore […]

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