Sketch Submissions: New Comedy Videos from YouTube
New Comedy Video YouTube

Ever since we opened up our site for funny article and video submissions in June, we’ve been flooded with submissions of videos. We’ve picked some of our favorites and present to you new comedy videos from YouTube that you’ve probably never seen.

Famous Movie Lines, Animated

by Nick Murray Willis



What If IT Scared Kids With The Truth About Adult Life?

by Pound Foolish Productions



Would you Rather Live in Canada or the USA?

by Aniel Bhalia



White Guy Thinks He’s Black After Ancestry Test

by Randall Otis



Funny Best Man Speech

by Joe Lauer


Which New Funny Video from YouTube Is Your Favorite?

We hope you enjoyed this unique selection of YouTube comedy videos. Let us know in the comments below which video you liked the most and make sure you share this across social media.

Sketch Submissions: New Comedy Videos from YouTube

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