One Spark Interview: Upside Down Creative Media

One Spark, 2015

UDCM Visits One Spark

I’ve been to One Spark every year since it started in 2013. If you don’t already know what One Spark is, the best way to describe it is in the quote by stating, “It’s a real-life version of Kickstarter.” You have an opportunity to register your idea, no matter what it is, and push it to these crowds full of people to vote on. The more votes you get, the more money you get to fund your idea. It’s that simple.

To Be Official, Or Not To Be…

I have yet to enter that realm of being an official One Spark Contributor. However, I’ve been promoting and contributing the event since it’s inception, at a time where none of my co-workers at the time had heard of it and family members had no clue what I was talking about. In a nutshell, the first year I was out there promoting the band Universal Green by documenting their live show. The second year, I was out promoting several different bands by documenting their live shows, basically doing the work for someone who over-committed to too many jobs. Both times, I received absolutely no compensation for this work, but it was an experience I’ll never forget. This year, I finally decided to stop promoting everyone else at One Spark and went with Rob as we humbly accepted an invitation by local access channel MeeMeeTv to be interviewed, alongside a public screening of our shorts.

Lots Of Awkward Jokes…

This was our first television interview and judging by the laughter coming from the live audience, we fared pretty well. There were lots of awkward jokes, full of self-deprecation, as  well as awkward explanations as to why we do parodies of serious film-makers’ work, but overall, it went well and the shorts were received with laughter and semi-confusion, especially when we screened Sincerely Kevin. After the interview and screening, we hung out and networked, but the real fun came afterwards. We decided with having the cameras and mics on us, it was time to go out into the One Spark public and turn the mic and camera on them. Some of the subjects had been introduced to us through the event, but the majority of the interviewees featured random people on the street.

The results make it obvious. Upside Down Creative Media is a force to be reckoned with in the Wide World of Comedy. Okay, maybe that is a little bit of an overstatement. Watch below and see for yourself, as UDCM heads to One Spark and interviews the public!

One Spark Interview: Upside Down Creative Media

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