5 Punny Sketches You Must Watch Or Else
punny sketches

At Upside Down Creative Media, we love puns. They’re everywhere in life, if you look hard enough.

Take for instance, Rob used to work at a vintage wall clock store where his sole duty was taking clocks off the wall for customers. During this period, we had a difficult time shooting sketches– anytime Rob would ask for vacation, his boss always said, “No! You take too much time off.”

Also, at my last job, I had to take the elevator up to the fifteenth floor. It used to piss me off because on the long way up, it would constantly have to stop to let people on other floors on. At my current job, I have to take the stairs to the second story. Now, when I look back on my old job, I miss that elevator– it really was so uplifting.

That brings me to this pun-filled list. These videos were selected because they’re funny, punny, and have not nearly enough views, all falling under 4,000 views. Give them a peak and let us know what you think in the comments.

Disclaimer: Not all the videos will contain puns. We just thought they were funny and worth sharing.

Punny Sketch #1 – Finally A Dating App For Me

This sketch was written and produced by the same man starring in it, Diego Salazar Castro. If you love puns, you’ll definitely love this sketch. Let’s just put it this way– this sketch will have you laughing so much, you’ll want to die.


Punny Sketch #2 – Living Life Through Activity

The second punny sketch stars someone we recently featured in our blog about obscure funny videos, prime-time actorBridge Stuart. He’s a really talented actor/writer/producer and if you like puns, this sketch doesn’t disappoint. I think the character Torey Corbin says at least one pun, so pun lovers, be prepared.


Punny Sketch #3 – Mandible Expandable

The third punny sketch is coming from the up-and-coming sketch group from Atlanta, GA, Ladies Night. This sketch isn’t really pun-filled, but it’s absolutely ridiculous and if you have a sense of humor, you will laugh. It’s an infomercial parody for a mouthpiece. That’s about the best way to put it. It’s amazing.


Punny Sketch #4 – Couch Dad

The fourth punny sketch comes from the crew at Quality Sketch out of Los Angeles, CA. This group of comedy guys & gals have an enormous amount of unseen content that you must check out, especially if you love the absurd. You could spend a whole day on their channel and you wouldn’t get through it all. Here’s their sketch titled Couch Dad. It’s really just one big pun on 90’s TV sitcoms. Enjoy!


Punny Sketch #5 – Tim and Toby: Walk To Equality

The final sketch in this list is from a bunch of Jacksonville, FL natives, including director/editor Tyler Falbo, produced by Jacksonville comedian Forest Scott, and co-stars Jacksonville comedian, Jeff Zenisek. As absurd as this video is, there is validity to the point it makes. There really are no puns to speak of, but it’s produced in the city that I currently reside in and I’m proud to share it with everyone. Also, make sure you check out the rest of the work from Tyler Falbo, specifically my favorite “If Your Hand Is Bigger Than Your Face.” You won’t be disappointed.

The End

So, there you have it. Five whole sketches to fulfill your pun needs. Feel free to leave a comment below and make sure to share this on social media. If you get bored, we have tons of funny videos for you to watch. Also, if you liked this, then please head on over to our YouTube to subcribe. We have new material coming out very soon!

5 Punny Sketches You Must Watch Or Else

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