Sasheer Zamata Teaches Science

Social media brings us closer to people we might not have ever interacted with. In this case, we at UDCM consider ourselves leaps and bounds away from ever being able to interact with a cast member of SNL like Sasheer Zamata. In a world before social media, this idea would seem impossible and to an extent, the old paradigm of “celebrity” is still indoctrinated in our way of thinking.

As we’ve spent more and more time on social media, trying to connect our work to these people already in the business, we find, more often than not, that we get noticed when we create something for the person. We don’t necessarily set out to find opportunities to interact with these celebrities; they are just organically created and seem to fall in our lap. For example, one of the earliest celebrity interactions was when I photoshopped an image of Adam Devine after getting to chat with him at his stand up show in Orlando in 2015.

Or there was the Twitter explosion of our video that was eventually shared by Comedy Central, spawning an ‘off and on’ online friendship with Lenny Jacobson and I. There have been numerous other occasions where our content gets shared by either the person it’s about or the network they work for. It’s always flattering for us, but we don’t do it for any other reason than we feel inspired to. Of course we’d be lying if we didn’t have a glimmer of hope that they actually click through to look at our work, but I know that most of the time, that avenue is never going to get us in. In many cases, we’ve actually taken the time to create content for people’s contests and not really got any real feedback or share, like when we created a short video for DJ Dougpound and Sick Animations’ contest to promote their LP release. We actually won the contest and won a ton of swag, but I was really surprised that Doug didn’t take the time to tweet it out to his followers, especially since what we do is so similar. It would have helped us tremendously to have us reach his audience. The point I’m trying to make is that most people, even celebrities or comedians, can read through bullshit. If you’re just doing something to get attention or recognition, they won’t bother sharing. I think in many situations, maybe our attempt is seen as bullshit. I don’t know.

This brings me to our most recent share from SNL player, Sasheer Zamata. To call her simply an SNL player is not really doing her justice, but it’s what she is most notorious for. She recently put a picture of herself standing in front of a green screen. In the caption, she declared the image up for grabs in her #SasheerGreenScreenChallenge so I decided to do something random. As of now, all of the entries were images. I decided to do a quick video and pulled together a few stock scenes from Video Blocks, some royalty free music, and a royalty free PNG of a cat. It just came together and it turns out she liked it so much she re-Tweeted it.

Sasheer Zamata Teaches Science

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