Short Funny Videos Perfect For Your Shitty Attention Span
Short funny video clips on YouTube

Short funny videos are almost a necessity in a world where the average attention span is 8 seconds. Historically, we at Upside Down Creative Media have not been known for funny short video clips like WhatsApp short funny videos or the ultra-short Vine videos that have been running (or ruining) the internet the past 5 or more years.

Knowing this, we decided to fold to the pressure and experiment with producing a few different series of funny short videos. Below is a listicle of all the funny short video clips we’ve produced that are all under 60 seconds long.

60 Second Mocks

The 60 Second Mocks series is a parody of 60 Second Docs. It’s basically a platform for us to experiment with character development and is one of the flagship series of our #FakeComedy campaign. We plan to produce at least 25 of these, but since they’re so fun to produce, we might do more. Enjoy this collection of short funny videos to satisfy your shitty attention span.


In November 2017, we were asked by WONK, Inc to produce a few short funny videos for their series WONK News. We ended up producing two that they published.

Various Short Funny Video Clips

Even though we are known for producing longer sketches and short films, we still have taken a stab at producing short funny videos throughout the years. Here’s a collection of all the other various short funny video clips we’ve created since 2013.

Short Funny Videos Perfect For Your Shitty Attention Span

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