The Apple Watch Was Just Released and We Have A Siri Parody Sketch

UDCM has history with Apple products. The group is divided into 3 categories. Apple, Android, and iCouldnotcareless. I happen to fall into the Android category, but my counterpart, Rob, falls into the Apple category. With the unveiling of the new Apple Watch, I’m sure he’s elated to get the chance to have yet another Apple Device on his person. (Maybe he’s not, because I have not actually spoke to him about it personally.) I’m happy with my simple Misfit Flash and my HTC One, so the release has me… well it has me writing this blog in hopes I get more traffic to my site and an old Siri parody sketch that we produced.

Does Rob Really Love Apple Products?

Last January, in 2014, we released one of our first videos titled #FuckYouSiri – When Siri Takes Over Your Life. This was the actual video that gave me the bug to keep producing videos. It was showcased in a local film festival, even though I submitted it as a ruse. This was in the early stages of Rob and I doing this thing together and it was merely off of an idea I had been carrying in my head for a couple years. The idea was basically a new version of Siri that takes over your life. I originally intended on it being a feature length film, but decided to just make it a sketch.

We really didn’t plan it out and sort of just did it all off the cuff, like most of our sketch comedy is, so I expected it would get made fun of at the film festival. Much to my surprise, I had people complimenting my work for the first time ever… and everyone wanted to know who Rob was, because “he’s such a great actor,” as many locals stated to me. It took me a while to really take it all in, but I really credit this video as the one that sparked a fire under my  ass and pushed me to keep creating and going after it to this day.

Watch this Siri Parody Sketch to find out if Rob really loves Apple Products!

#FuckYouSiri – When Siri Takes Over Your Life

Do you think he will buy the new Apple Watch? Comment below!
The Apple Watch Was Just Released and We Have A Siri Parody Sketch

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