Skate Life Jacksonville

What is Skate Life?

In Skate Life, Martin Mcfly takes you on a journey of his life and shares with you his opinion on social media, politics, and his overall philosophy on life. He tackles everything from MySpace, to Linked in, to Pinterest, as well as his views on local politics and the the police. If he’s not busy shredding or grinding, he’s doing ollies and dealing with the local pigs the only way he knows how. Watch Skate Life or whatever. We don’t care.

Skate Trucks – The Only 4×4 He Needs

Martin has been skating since he was 5 years old. He claims he started skating before he started walking and that, “my legs might as well be attached to this board.” He lives what he likes to refer to as a, “Drug Free, Skate Filled Life, Brah.” When asked what he wants out of life, Martin said, “All I need… is this board… and a couple of dollars to eat.” As a part-time cashier at Walgreen’s and full-time skater, Martin hopes to be doing one thing in 5 years— skating.

Skate Life Jacksonville

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