Help Wanted: Sketch Comedy Group Seeking Help

I want to reach out to everyone again and thank them for helping me get UDCM to where it is today. At the moment, we are at a crossroads as to what the future of UDCM is going to be. Are we a sketch comedy duo or are we a production company that produces sketch comedy or… are we both?

One Mission: Create Sketch Comedy in Jacksonville

When we started, we didn’t take it serious at all, but now over three years into it, we find ourselves more dedicated to it than we ever expected. We are seeking people of all backgrounds and levels of experience to help push this project along. It doesn’t matter if you are sketch comedy veteran, a stand up comedian, or if you are someone that just loves watching the comedy skits on SNL. We don’t care if you think you’re not funny. We need your help!

What I’ve Got. What I Need. We Can Do It.

We have several great sketch comedy scripts just sitting around and an unlimited amounts of funny ideas in our heads, just waiting to be produced, but we can’t do it alone! We need extra actors, comedians, comedy writers, crew members, editors, and people willing to devote their time to making comedy happen. Also, all the equipment that we’ve used over the past 3 years is my own equipment, some of which is over 6+ years old (my camera for instance.) I need people that are willing to loan their time and equipment as well.

But, I Don’t Have Time?

I’m a father to two kids, both under 3 years old and I work a stressful job in marketing, so I know time is always a factor, but if you really want to do something… you’ll find a way. I make no money doing this and that’s not really why I’m doing it. I do it because I can’t stop. Ever since I first heard a room full of people laugh at something I created, even though I wasn’t in it and nobody knew it was me that did it, I caught the bug. I don’t have the courage to do live shows or stand up, but I sure as Hell know how to create something funny. I hope I meet people that have that same passion in them.

I Can’t Help… I Don’t Live In Jacksonville, FL

Even if you aren’t in the Jacksonville area and you just want to see your ideas come to life, I can make that happen, so send me your scripts and I will do what I can to get them produced. Anything you contribute to this, you will get credit. I genuinely believe in the work we’ve pulled off under this name and I know it will evolve into something one day. Be a part of it!


funny-white-guysOkay, So How Much Does It Pay?

We do not currently have the ability to pay people that help us. In the event that this turns into a project that makes money, then we will of course incorporate that. We are not the most well known sketch comedy duo in Jacksonville, but in 3 years we have made a small ping on the national level by having our content shared by Comedy Central and even winning a video contest held by Doug Lussenhop (aka DJ Douggpound, editor for Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!). If we can manage to do things like this with minimal support, we can do much more with a little help from our friends.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in genuinely helping and you live in Jacksonville, FL or are willing to help remotely (writing, graphic design, illustrator, animator.) If you cannot devote much time to this and want to help in a less committed way, like guest blogging, we also offer a way to submit funny articles and videos to our blog.

Join Our Team

Help Wanted: Sketch Comedy Group Seeking Help

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