“Suh Dude”, short for “What’s up dude?”, is a slang expression coined by Vine Comedian Nick Colletti and Dubstep Musician Tanner Petulla (a.k.a Getter) via a series of video clips uploaded in late 2015.

What Is This Face Swap You Speak Of?

Face Swap 007

Face Swapping is exactly what it implies. It is a Photoshop technique that involves digitally swapping the faces of two or more subjects depicted in a given photograph. The practice radically increased in popularity in 2015, when several automated apps were created to instantly swap faces in photo and video.

Lesbihonest Y’all

Family FaceswapIf I’m being completely honest, until today, I hadn’t heard of ‘Suh Dude’ aside from saying it in my 20’s without any regard. I can’t help it. I was in a fraternity. It was basically required. And, although I’m familiar with Face Swapping because my last Christmas Card (and many before) included the Face Swapping of my family, I had no idea that it was a ‘craze’ again until reading about it being enabled in Snapchat. I’ve been doing Face Swapping, or just Photoshopping for over 15 years, so it’s nothing new to me.

However, one search of this term brings a slew of results full of hilarious face swaps, including swaps with babies and parents, owners with their pets, babies with appliances, and even babies with body parts. It’s literally never-ending what people will do… and at Upside Down Creative Media, we absolutely love it.

The weirder the better.

When Suh Dude Meets Face Swap

Today, Rob and I (along with Jeremy) were trying to develop our next video and in this time, we decided to throw a sort of mash-up of the two recent phenomenons. Below is the result of our concoction, Suh Dude Face Swap.



Suh Dude Phenomonon & The Face Swap Craze

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