The Good Night Show with Robby Carson

99% of the Upside Down Creative Media sketches produced over the past 3 years have been executed by two people. Generally, we both write it by talking about it via text and phone, then when we find time in our busy schedules to coordinate a shoot day, we get together to knock it out in one day. Rob is generally the one and only actor, along with a few of our friends that drop in from time to time, while Marshall directs. Our process is basically considered writing comedy without really ever writing.

In August, we successfully pulled off our first actual production. By actual production, we secured a location, where we had catered food, lights, multiple cameras, sound equipment, multiple actors, and much more. Even though it was a minimal cast and crew of only 6 people, this was 3 times the cooperation we were used to. The original plan was to keep this sketch under 5 minutes so that we could screen it at the awesome event held by the sketch group out of Atlanta, GA, Why Ladies Night, but we couldn’t get the content down in time.

After one long day, this is the sketch we created: The Good Night Show with Robby Carson.

The Good Night Show with Robby Carson

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