Our Top 5 Favorite Comedy YouTube Channels
Top 5 Comedy YouTube Channels

At Upside Down Creative Media, we take comedy seriously. In a constant quest to satisfy our need for new comedy content and spread the wealth to everyone else, we decided to share with you our Top 5 Favorite Comedy YouTube Channels.

#1. One Word Wesley

One Word WesleyStarting off the list at #1 is one of my newest and favorite dudes, One Word Wesley. To be quite honest, I don’t know if he’s a dude or a robot named WesCom™ that promises to seep deep into your mind and give you enough content to keep you content. Regardless, we know the content on his/it’s channel is something to be watching.

If you haven’t checked out his channel before, you better before it’s too late. Actually, I don’t know why I’m writing it like that. It’s not really a matter of time or anything. Anyway… this guy is stand-up comedian, on top of all the other funny stuff he does. His timing, the editing, and the topics of the content combine to make hilarious masterpieces like this:

Make sure to follow @OneWordWesley on Twitter and check out these links to more One Word Wesley content:

One Word Wesley Website

One Word Wesley YouTube

#2. Quality Sketch TV

Quality SketchIf you need quality content, then head on over to the dudes at Quality Sketch TV. Not only do these guys run a cable program out of Pasadena California, they also host tons of web only content on their YouTube channel. Produced by Jared Hodgdon and Emerson Dibley, these guys crank out some of the funniest underground content on the web.

They have a knack for creating awkwardness and what’s cool is that they are using their space to feature comics from around the Los Angeles area. Check out this hilarious video:

If you crave weird, absurd, off-the-wall humor in your content, then make sure to follow @QualitySketchTV on Twitter and check out these links to their content below:

Quality Sketch Website

Quality Sketch YouTube Channel

#3. Velcro Fathoms

Velcro FathomsVelcro Fathoms, also produced by Jarred Hogdon, acts as a depository for the TV show Terrain Vague. I have sifted through this channel from time to time and always see something I’ve never seen before. That’s seriously the best way to put it. It’s original and absurd and if you like that kind of stuff, then you better start watching it before it all disappears.

I’m not 100% sure that Jared still runs this channel, but there really is a load of content on there. I think one of my favorite things about this channel is the manner in which is produced. Here in Jacksonville, we don’t have a set to produce like this and I totally envy that. If you like variety shows, I totally recommend this one here:

Make sure you follow @Velcro Fathoms on Twitter, as well as check out these links to their content below.

Velcro Fathoms Website

Velcro Fathoms YouTube

#4. Ladie’s Night

Ladies NightProduced by Brian Emond, Joel Ruiz and Zach Lamplugh, Ladie’s Night is a comedy variety show with a focus on sketch comedy that is put on the first Thursday of the month at 10:30pm at the Village Theatre in Atlanta, GA.

The content is always fresh, the quality is great, and the topics are original, as well as generally unseen by most of the nation, because it isn’t put online until it’s been seen at the show. I love that, but I have no doubt that these guys will eventually blow up or end up with a TV deal of some sort. Not only do these guys create their own content, they feature comedians, sketch troupes, and generally funny content creators as well.

Here is a sketch produced by Ladie’s Night:

If you aren’t in the Atlanta, GA area, you can check out the content below. Also, follow @WhyLadiesNight on Twitter to stay up to date.

Ladie’s Night YouTube Channel

Ladie’s Night Website

#5. 2 Wet Crew

P0La2nzz2 Wet Crew features Doug Lussenhop (DJ Douggpound), the mastermind behind the editing style of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! It also features comedians Mikey Kampmann and Jay Weingarten, as well as many cameos from several Los Angeles comedians.

Absurd and generally just down-right insane, 2 Wet Crew aims to make things just the right amount of wet by delivering a pretty consistent series of content.

Check out one of our favorite episodes below featuring funny comedienne Esther Povitsky:

Not only do these guys produce funny, fresh, original absurd comedy content, they also go on tour occasionally and do shows around LA. Make sure to follow @2WetCrew on Twitter, as well as check out the links to their content below:

2 Wet Crew Website

DouggPound YouTube Channel

So, there you have it. It’s our favorite comedy YouTube channels from around the web. What are some of your favorite comedy YouTube channels? Comment below and let me know what you are watching!

Our Top 5 Favorite Comedy YouTube Channels

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