How To Write A Sketch Comedy Script, Without Even Writing

From time to time, people ask me what my favorite part of filming is – it doesn’t take long to respond when I’m asked. My absolute favorite part is how unconventional our process of writing comedy is at Upside Down Creative Media. If you want to learn the traditional method of how to write comedy, then this is not the blog for you, but if you like our videos and would like some insight into what our typical shoot is like, then read ahead.

How We Write Comedy

A great example of how we write comedy is our recent short, Skate Life. We had been unable to film anything for three weeks, so I ended up heading over to Marshall’s house with absolutely no idea in mind and nothing planned – we just knew we were gonna shoot something. We talked for about 15 minutes on what we could shoot and in the process I brought up our buddy Matt Fink and his Bro Cam skate footy and how much I liked watching them (they’re legit). Marshall agreed with me and in that instant, we had something brewing.

We’re Organic at UDCM

So, like anything we’ve made, Marshall grabbed a camera (this time his 8mm film S-VHS JVC GR-SXM250 camcorder) and we took to the sidewalk in front of his house. The whole concept was to just shoot me looking like an ass and doing the exact opposite of the skaters of Bro Cam films. This is our style; this is my favorite part. I’m very fortunate that Marshall sees things the same way I do and also shares the same sort of comedy that I enjoy because it makes the filming so much easier. We both believe that when writing comedy, it’s impossible to achieve humor that’s as legit and effective as the type you can capture in the moment of an organic process like ours. In no more than 20 minutes we were done filming and back to Marshall’s home to review the shots we just took. Within 12 hours, Skate Life Jacksonville was on our website and we were sharing it with the world

I Love Our Style

Overall, I love not being scripted. I love going off the cuff. I love shooting whatever it is we think will be funny, improvising everything, and then piecing together yet another UDCM masterpiece. Our way is my favorite. I love our style.

How To Write A Sketch Comedy Script, Without Even Writing

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