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Located in Jacksonville, FL, Upside Down Creative Media is a unique source for entertaining digital content ranging from productions for social media brand campaigns, to ridiculous music videos, and digital comedy shorts.  We create digital content across many different platforms and have an original comedic style unlike no other.

2018 Content Recap


Falling Together: The Rise and Fall of Upside Down Creative Media is an autobiographical, full-length documentary about the ups and downs of the comedy group. Ignited by Rob's decision to leave the duo to pursue a music career, this documentary chronicles a dramatic turn of events with unbelievable twists and turns on Rob's path to self-destruction.

With an inside look into the private life of Rob, Falling Together shows a never before seen side of tormented moments happening behind-the-scenes of Upside Down Creative Media.

In the documentary, Rob appears interested only in himself. He claims to be bored with acting and that he was only a puppet that has lost contact with his inner self. Throughout the story, he abandons his old self to emerge as a fearsome egotist who screams at his director constantly, blames his own follies on everyone else, and has deluded himself into thinking that there is a future in his hip-hop career.

Will Rob continue hurtling toward the same pointless oblivion or will he manage to get his life on track with a sense of real purpose?

Expected Release Date: December 2019

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